Morando Style

Our ideas incubator

The transition from the conceptual to the operational plan; the design of the prototype and its physical production. This is what fascinates us most: the creation of products with high added value. Our artefacts stem from ideas; they are defined dimensionally in the design phase and shaped functionally in the prototype; they finally take shape in a production process that is attentive to the technological aspects and costs. Even the smallest special step involves our full operational staff (from artists to designers to packaging) in a synergy of quality with a sole objective: to enhance the personality of the products entrusted to us, by crafting a made to measure "outfit" every single time.

Contents and form have never been so close

Who said that you shouldn’t take any notice of appearances?
Pack design is a very important stage in the marketing strategy of a product, because it is often the actual container that is the only element that makes the product stand out from its competitors. The packaging does not only concern the decorative aspect of a product but also has a lot to do with its personality; it is not the outer wrapping but the actual appearance of the communication through which the product presents itself. Successful packaging emerges from the great mass of offers and, at the same time, is a functional tool for maintaining the product. Our concept of packaging is to attract the potential client using a visual communication with a strong impact, which can translate functionality into originality, uniting innovation and production.