Production plants that offer the very best in technology and efficiency

The technical aspect takes a prominent position within the Company. Ermanno Soria, as well as being the Managing Director, is also an oenologist and other wine-making and chemical experts are present not only in the analysis lab dedicated to the quality control of incoming and outgoing products, but are distributed in all production areas, to guarantee, step by step, a high standard of quality in every phase of the transformation processes.

The production plants are fully equipped and technologically advanced: pneumatic presses that are quick yet gentle for crushing the grapes, fermenting vats for vinification on the skins, innovative filtration systems that have been expressly tested to meet every need during individual processing of different types of must and wines, high storage capacity for wines in silos and musts in special cold rooms that are designed to preserve the must before processing, batteries of pressurised vats (including capacities from between 30 and 1000 hectolitres) that are used in natural fermentation of must to obtain sparkling wines, without added carbon dioxide, and of sparkling wines using the charmat method.

The internal analysis lab has a range of comprehensive and technologically advanced equipment, and regularly works with national institutes for wine analysis, with which the company is associated, and with internal laboratories in other major companies, for the control and development of products that are specifically commissioned and then destined to be marketed with the customer’s own brand