Stores and storage

Product handling is a procedure

At Morando the process of handling storage is regulated by a procedure which includes also the indication of those people involved in the production . Nothing is just left up to fate in the stores and storage of customer products and goods.

Loading of products in stock

The product data for raw materials and auxiliary materials are only entered in the storage handling software once all incoming controls have been passed.

Product storage

At Morando there are areas of the warehouse with the most suitable characteristics for the correct storage of products. What is more, the company has defined authorisation for the handling of materials, the rules for correct product rotation, according to the first in first out method and for the segregation of products for the cellar and for cleaning.

Moving products

Depending on the type of product, goods are moved using lifting trucks and trans-pallets, specific fixed and mobile pumps and pipes made of suitable material for contact with liquid foods.

Protection and preservation of products

At Morando the warehouse is temperature-controlled and that is why suitable temperatures have been defined for the products to be stored under controlled conditions; the packaging of conditioned wine, in accordance with definite palletizing rules, guarantees storage and transport suitability; periodically the storage conditions of goods are verified, as required in a specific Product Plan.