Identification and traceability of a product

At Morando there is a specific procedure for successfully handling the problems relating to product identification and traceability. Criteria have been defined for correct identification (using appropriate coding systems and using signs and identification signs) of:

  • auxiliary materials (e.g.: materials for conditioning, oenological products);
  • acquired wines;
  • wines undergoing processing;
  • finished products;
  • samples for analyses.

The procedure also defines systems to identify the progress of products, in relation to testing requirements for:

  • products waiting to be tested or awaiting the results of testing;
  • products that conform following testing;
  • products that do not conform or are awaiting a decision following detection of non conformity;
  • products pending, waiting to be released for marketing.

Traceability is a requirement, by virtue of market sensitivity to the problem, of explicit requests by the Customer and the requirements of legislation on the protection of consumer health. Morando’s organisation guarantees traceability of the product, starting with raw materials. The procedure defines the criteria adopted to guarantee traceability (defined as the ability to reconstruct the history, via registrations made and unique methods of identification) of finished products and all the elements that have come into contact with the finished product (e.g.:materials for conditioning, oenological products…). It also guarantees the ability to withdraw or recall batches of product that potentially do not conform from the market.