A story of ancient origins that continues…

Morando’s wine-making business can be traced as far back as the late nineteenth century. After more than a century of business, today Casa Vinicola Morando – CA. VI. M. fills a primary role in the wine sector. The careful choices made by the management have allowed artisan production to become technologically advanced, although there is always respect for the old traditions.However the history and the people linked to this company have much more remote origins, linked to the small town of Calosso and the town of Costigliole d’Asti. In 1642 Calosso was partially destroyed but fortunately with the Peace of the Pyrenees in 1659 it lost its strategic importance and its imposing sixteenth century fortified castle became the country residence of the Roero family. 

During this sad wartime period, Calosso became quite popular thanks to another important factor: the production of Moscato, or Muscat wine. Several documents from the era bear witness to the fact that this precious nectar even adorned the table of Madame Cristina, wife of Carlo Emanuele I, as well as many other noble tables in Turin. In 2010 the Morando winery purchased the estate and the brand of the Antica Cantina di Calosso which, in 2011 will lead to much splendour, both old and new.