Legal notes

Using the website implies the user’s acceptance of the following conditions:


Any documentation, images or any other information published and reproduced on this website is property of CA.VI.M S.r.l.


No responsibility will be taken for any content published on this site or for the use of it by third parties in the event of a virus infection arising from the access of the site or downloading materials or informatic programs from it.

CA.VI.M S.r.l. is not required by any means to respond to claims of damages, losses or any type of harm incurred by third parties due to the use of this site or following the use of published information and software on it.

Handling of Personal Data

Personal data provided by you will be handled for the following purposes: a) to provide the service previously indicated by you and to carry out research concerning the service received. b) to provide, prior to your expressed consent, business and/or promotional information, send advertising materials on products, services and other CA.VI.M S.r.l. activities from its Sales Network and Business. The handling of data for the above expressed purposes will be done in paper form or electronically, and in particular through regular or electronic mail, telephone (with telephone calls, also automated, text messages, mms, etc.) and faxing.

The aim of providing this information is to familiarize users, prior to accessing the various sections of the site and giving their personal information, how the website handles their personal data. It is advised that users read this prior to providing any personal data requested on the site.

Purpose of Handling Data

According to the needs expressed each time by the user accessing the various sections of the site, the purpose of handling their personal data provided directly by them through the filling out of the online forms can be the following:

  1. agreeing to register on the site is necessary to access certain sections as well as to allow us to offer and manage various services.
  2. marketing activities will be carried out prior to the user’s consent and until this is cancelled by the user (including and not limited to the sending of promotional and advertising material, performing marketing research related to registered users who consent to provide information for the purpose of improving services and products offered by CA.VI.M S.r.l. to its clients). Such marketing may be carried out via e-mail, fax, mms and text message, without specific consent and until the cancellation of it.
  3. sending newsletters to receive updates on all the new products on the site.

Methods of Handling Data

Personal data will for the most part be handled through the use of computers and in strict observance of the previously stated purposes.

People that May Access the User’s Personal Data Personal data may be accessed by employees or collaborators of the Marketing Office of the Owner working directly under the owner. These persons are responsible or in charge of handling this personal information according to art. 29 and 30 of the Italian Civil Code and will receive instructions in how this must be done. This is also true for employees and collaborators working under Managers appointed by the Owner.

Communication or Publication of the User’s Personal Data

Personal data, which has been provided directly by users who have filled out the online form, will not be divulged to third parties.