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Your personal data are collected by CA.VI.M S.R.L. within the framework of D.Lgs.n.196/03 on "Protection of persons and companies as regard the processing of the personal data". The data my be used in printed or software form and will be processed for statistical purposes or for operational/strategic marketing purposes and to keep you up to date with our Exhibitions by mailing you information.

Data my be processed by third parties working for CA.VI.M S.R.L. , who my reproduce it manually or by means of software programmes, for the purposes authorised by CA.VI.M S.R.L. for mailing promotional literature. The communication of your own personal data is compulsory but the non-trasmission of them will not allow CA.VI.M S.R.L. to send you the information relating to this form.

In accordance with article 7 of the above law, your data may be examined, modified, completed or cancelled, without charge, by writing to:

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